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Some examples of sofas, armchairs and other seating available.  Size and fabric options available on request.

Reyes-O Sillones-Relax-bora-6 71x84-165x115cm.jpg
Reyes-O Relax-bora-2 71x84-165x115cm.jpg

Swivel Armchair Ref:Relax BORA S008 & S009

Sofa Burgandy Ref: AERO S008

Eneas AERO Sofa width x108-173x98cm.PNG
Eneas Sofa Aero Detail.PNG

Sofa White Ref: AERO S002

Corner Sofa Grey Ref: AERO S001

Sofa Blue Ref: PARIS S005

Corner Sofa Grey Ref: PARIS S004

Corner Sofa White Ref: PARIS S003

Sofa-Chaise White adjustable head-rest Ref: Venice S007

Sofa-Chaise Beige adjustable head-rest Ref: Venice S006

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